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Kamis, 24 Desember 2009

Recount Text

Definition Of Recount Text
Recount text is a text that is used to retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining.

The generic structures of recount text are :
1. Orientation ( it gives the readers the background information needed to understand the text such as who was involved, where it happened, when it happened)
2. Events (a series of events, ordered in a chronological sequence)
3. Re-orientation (restates the writer’s opinion or personal comment of the writer on the incident

The significant Lexicogrammatical features :
1. Use of simple past tense
2. Use of temporal conjunctions (when, after, before, next, later, then)
3. Use of personal pronoun (I, we)

Example Of Recount Text :

This Under Text From : http://elc-englishlanguagecorner.blogspot.com/2008/01/macam-macam-teks.html

An Excursion to the Botanical Garden

On Thursday 24 April we went to the Botanical Garden. We walked down and boarded the bus.
After we arrived at the garden, we walked down to the Education Centre. The third grade students went to have alook around. First, we went to the first farm and Mrs. James read us some information. Then, we looked at all the lovely plants. After that we went down to a little spot on the Botanical Garden and had a morning tea break.
Next, we did sketching and then we met the fourth grade students at the Education Centre to have lunch. Soon after that, it was time for us to go and make our terrariums while the fourth year students went to have a walk.
A lady took us into a special room and introduced herself. Then she explained what we were going to do. Next, she took us to a pyramid terrarium. It was really interesting.
After we had finished, we met the fourth grade students outside the gardens. Then we reboarded the bus and returned to school.

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